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Share your reality

Master thesis (2023) - Delft University of Technology + CWI

In this project, we investigated the impact of haptic feedback on virtual co-embodiment, focusing on its effects on non-verbal coordination and shared avatar control.



Advanced Concept Design (2023) - Municipality of The Hague

In this project, a biowaste collection system for high-rise buildings in The Hague. In this system the biowaste was converted into slurry at the floor level using a grinding system and then transported to a collection point at the ground level. 

This project was selected by the Municipality of The Hague for further development and implementation.



Advanced Embodiment Design (2022) - Critical Alarms Lab + Erasmus MC Sophia‎ Kinderziekenhuis

The goal for this project was to instill a behavioral change in nurses working in the NICU in order to achieve a quieter soundscape.

SONICU system operates as a three-part system, capable of recording the soundscape, identifying various noise types, and presenting vital information visually for user comprehension.



Design Project (2022) - Delft University of Technology

Using user feedback-driven Ecolens is designed to reduce microplastics production through proper lens disposal.

The focus was to save marine life and promote sustainable habits for a positive environmental impact.

Kaapi v4.png


Design Project (2022) - Delft University of Technology

This project utilized Form X methodology to integrate desired expression and experience into product development, resulting in a detailed South Indian coffee machine concept .


Hapro nomad

Design Project (2021) - Delft University of Technology

The project aimed to design a product line fostering community among travel enthusiasts/digital nomads to enhance the brand image of the company 'hapro' in Europe. Utilizing methodologies like 'VRIO,' 'DEPEST,' and 'SWOT analysis,' we conducted an internal analysis of company values to inform the final design.



Design Project (2021) - Delft University of Technology

This project aimed to improve touch screen tablet usability by adopting a user-centered design approach, ultimately resulting in the creation of an innovative tablet holder design. Methods such as “Brainstorm”, “SCAMPER”, “Analogies & Metaphors” were exercised during ideation to come up with the final concept that was 3D printed and presented.

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